A – Z of the best Female Fashion Trends of all time!(Personal Favourites)



Hey people!Wassup?Was poppin’?Welcome to this week’s blog post!

I decided that this week, I am going to do a quick recap of my personal favourites that have hit the trend board since the beginning of time and that’s not all guys,I have also taken the liberty to give information on where and how to find most of the items from this Fashion Trends’ list because I myself, do not have some of the things on here and I’m sure most people are in the same boat!


Let’s get to it!

African Print Clothing

African Fashion all the way!

African Fashion all the way!

I looove me some African Print.Who doesn’t?From classy dresses to jumpsuits and to fine-looking bikinis, I say African Print is here to stay or slay, whatever tickles your fancy:-). Nairobi Textile Centre is a great place to start for anyone looking for African Print and better yet, there are many tailors there (in case you don’t have a specific one)!Go and check it out for those who don’t know it already and you can click the link above for directions.Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Button down dress

Gabrielle Union in a white button down dress in Harper's bazaar magazine by Lauren Alexis Fisher - Mar 22 2017

Gabrielle Union in a white button down dress in Harper’s Bazaar magazine by Lauren Alexis Fisher – Mar 22 2017

One of my favourite trends is the old school button-down.It could be a skirt or a dress or a shirt but the fact that it has buttons, the bold buttons, that make me feel kind of vintagey in a sense.My go-to sources for button-downs are; my first love , thrift shopping or you could also try going to Kilimall International and  Jumia Online Kenya  or Jumia International( present also in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Egypt.)


Beautiful accessorized choker on model.

Beautiful accessorised choker on model.

Chokers are hands down one of the most popular trends right now and it is easy to see why.They are gorgeous and can be worn to any occasion.From punk chokers to elegant and chic choker neckpieces, these accessories are a must-have in every girl’s closet or jewellery box.I buy ALL (and by ‘ALL’ here I mean 80%) my accessories from the stalls on Dubois Road in Nairobi.They have every single design of chokers that there are, it simply is amazing!The directions are in the link guys.For those who live outside Nairobi and outside Kenya, another great place to go would be Jumia Online or Kilimall International to get great deals on chokers!

Duster Coats

Christina Milian donning a pink duster coat.Article by Rebecca Lawrence on Mail Online- 13th February 2016

Christina Milian donning a pink duster coat.

Yet another beautiful trend that no one can afford to hate.They are comfortable, yet stylish & chic and I love them!Find some amazing duster coats at Jumia Online Store , Kilimall International or you can also try your luck at thrift shopping.

 Ear cuffs

I started loving ear cuffs this year actually and now I just can’t stop wearing the pair I have.I think they look so cool if worn correctly that is.I got mine from the stalls on Dubois Road in Nairobi though you can also try at Jumia International .

 Golden Nails

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Everybody likes to shine once in a while and gold is a colour that cannot EVER steer you wrong as it works with every single shade on this planet.Since I cannot tell you where to buy gel or nail polish (I feel like everybody has their favourite go-to place), how about I share with you how you can make your gel nails or regular nail polish last longer?

Headscarf Trend

Headwrap styles you can try!

Headwrap styles you can try out!

This is my favourite trend and I will be doing this even when I’m old.I think the thing that I love most about donning a headscarf is that it makes you look extremely unique but still sophisticated.Personally, I have a million and one headscarves and I am glad to inform you, as would be many of you fashionistas, that you can find these things anywhere and everywhere: on the streets, in shops, Gikomba au Mitumba(these are thrift shops or stalls in Kenya). So , the only advice I can give on headscarves is how to tie them and still look good and stylish!Check out KilahMazing’s youtube page on 4 super-easy ways to tie a headscarf despite the length of your hair!

Inked Clothing


Colourful and inked t-shirts have become a thing nowadays.I don’t even like t-shirts but somehow they caught my heart and never let it go(though I’m yet to get one).However, if you feel like you do not want to buy new colourful t-shirts, you can try doing it yourself!Check out this video by Sara King on DIY LIFE HACKS ON OLD CLOTHES on how you can ink your own plain t-shirt colourful one in a couple of seconds!

Jersey Shirt

Baseball shirt

Baseball shirt

Few people have embraced this trend, the way I have seen it.My guess is either guys don’t like the idea of having another person’s name on their shirt(I know that’s a SERIOUS problem for me) or they simply cannot find them.For the latter group, I completely understand , they are hard to find.The ones I have seen here in Nairobi are only the second-hand ones (which happen to be in pristine condition btw) at our beloved Globe roundabout in Nairobi.For those who have issues with the names, like myself, you could try wearing the plain ones which I have also seen around Globe or better yet go and get one custom made just for you.


Kimono vibe!

Kimono vibe!

I don’t even think I know anyone who doesn’t own one or wouldn’t want to own one, so I don’t think I’ll even tell you where to find them (Jumia Online, Globe roundabout, thrift shops all over Kenya).However, I would also like represent the special girls out there who feel like all kimonos nowadays look the same and they absolutely HATE the idea of buying something that you’ll see 10 other girls wear.However, that doesn’t mean you give up on this very efficient, comfortable yet beautiful trend.You can make your own!!!Just go to your tailor with some material or an old kimono to spruce it up and voila!

Leather jacket

I won’t even oversauce this!Just one thing though: THIS WILL NEVER GET OLD, NOT NOW NOT EVER(drops mic and walks off to somewhere).Oh, and they are all over!!

Monochrome outfits


Rihanna in red!

You have to agree that everytime you see someone wearing a monochrome outfit , you get jealous.It’s not a bad kind of jealousy.No, no. It’s the she-looks-so-good kind of jealousy.We are not breaking any commandments here!Anywho, this outfit alone with no accessories is a statement on its own and extremely flattering.Try it out if you haven’t.

  Nude accessories

Nude; the most personal colour in existence.

Nude; the most personal colour in existence.

I’m not even going to explain this!Ladies!

 Off-shoulder trend

Cotton spandex off shoulder top by American Apparel

Cotton spandex off shoulder top by American Apparel


I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I directed you ladies on how to make your own DIY off-the-shoulder top with the Sorry Girls on their Youtube channel!

Pencil Skirt


Fashion Rule NO. Infinity (∞), Never ignore outfits that flatter your figure!For example, PENCIL SKIRTS!Most girls I know are very comfortable with wearing pencil skirts.I also know that there are some out there who don’t like them because they think that they have no figure to flatter.No pressure over here but everyone has a figure to flatter, you just have to know how to flatter your figure in a way that suits you specified needs.You really don’t have to wear pencil skirts the way other people wear them just to lookgood.

Quilted pieces

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Quilted, in my book, has 2 meanings :

  • Two fabrics brought together to make a thicker fabric and sewn together by hand or,
  • two different designs of fabric or print is sewn together or,
  • even both of these together!

I’m sure many of you have seen such bags, shoes and clothes that have been quilted and in my opinion, such pieces are just lovely(yes, even pajamas).

 Rhinestone-studded clothing

Girls love shiny things, most definitely.Therefore, you can imagine how beloved this trend is!It combines fashion with shiny things!


Statement jewellery


Everyone likes being unique and this is exactly the purpose of this trend.Statement jewellery lets the world know that even when you still love popular trends in fashion, you are not afraid to show yourself and flaunt your own creativity and uniqueness.

Thigh-high slit trend


Chic and elegant is gonna be your new name the day you decide to try this.Especially to nighttime events and gatherings.

And remember, your tailor is your friend…

Underwear with no panty line


No one likes panty lines under any circumstances.Click here to read on how to banish your panty lines without going commando because this is not a No. 1 option for most.It is quite uncomfortable to go commando for a whole day, evertythingespecially on a hot day!!



Can be everything and anything and goes with every single occasion.How long can you live without a vest?Try throwing them out, then you’ll realise how much you love them.(im not being evil btw)


Watch Submariner Rolex Accessories To Watch Male

I think this goes for everyone when I say that one can NEVER underestimate the power of wearing a watch.

XX lace-up tops

maxresdefault (1)

I love lace-up tops!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE!However, if you are like me,im sure you have seen that these are not easily found and if they are, they all look the same.Find out how you can make your own XX lace-up tops on Kallie Kaiser’s youtube channel! Have fun!I know I will!

Yoked garments


If you have a small flat tummy then this part ain’t for you sweetheart!Just joking…hahaYoked skirts are a new love for me.Apart from making you look like an hourglass(yaaaaas!), these kind of skirts refine your look BY FAR and make you look well put together.This is a must try in my opinion!


Selena Gomez in Gabriela Cadena, Zipper detailed!Photo by Keith Johnson

Selena Gomez In Gabriela Cadena.Beautiful zip detail.

If you don’t like zippers on your clothing, I would encourage you to get out of your comfort zone because you do not know what you’re missing!!I am not talking about zipper  at the front of your trousers or the side of your dress or the back of your skirt.I’m talking about the big bold zippers that are meant to add funk to your outfit for example at the front of your skirt(from bottom to top) or the ones on leather jackets that aren’t really.Amazing!

Heeeeh!!That was one loong post!I really feel like it was helpful to many of you though.That’s all for this week guys, see you next week!

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The Ultimate Guide on how to look Classy and not Trashy.


Wassup good people!I hope you are having yourselves a lovely week!

Before I start, I want to thank all of you guys for all the love, all the comments and the incredible support you have given me in my work.You are very much appreciated!

This week, I will talk about a topic that baffles many fashionistas out there incluudin’ me.  CLASSY OR TRASHY?

By definition, trashy means having been worn in bad taste or an obvious lack of good taste.

Who hasn’t asked themselves this question a million and one times before; Do I look appropriate enough to get out of the house today? For this reason, I decided to put together a few of my own personal tips to help you consider your outfit to make sure you look amazing, elegantly effortless and appropriate each time you step out of the house!

1.What is the occasion?

lips-553452_640LADIES, this is very important.No matter how comfortable you are in your own skin, you have to know and fully understand the situation around the occasion you are in, in order to know what exactly you are going to wear!Is it a wedding?Is it a night out with your friends to your favourite club?Is it a date and if it is then where is the date?Is it in a private place or is it in a public place?What time of the day is it?You get what I’m saying, ladies?

There is SO much to consider because one thing we all want is for people to look at us in admiration and not disgust.Like, “That girl looks so good, so well put together!” and not “Now what the hell has she worn?Good gosh!”.For example, assume that you are going to a business meeting with men from the Islamic community.From basic knowledge, we all know that in Islamic culture, the style of dress of the women is one that shows respect and modesty.Consequently, you can’t walk into such a meeting wearing a crop top and skinny jeans.It will be considered extremely disrespectful and offensive and they will not take you seriously AT ALL.I am not saying that you should wear a hijab if that is not what you normally wear.I’m just saying that don’t wear anything too tight or too short or too revealing unless you want to look trashy.

BE RESPECTFUL to the situation.

2. Amount of skin to show.


From experience, Im positive that we all know about this, especially from our mothers, grandmothers or aunties.They never hesitate to tell you that that skirt is tooo short or your top is too low.My personal Fashion Cop (read as my lovely and beautiful Kenyan mother) never bites her tongue when it comes to my short skirts , “Ann!That skirt!For church?NO.Go change!And hurry up we’ll be late!”.Sometimes I feel like she is exaggerating and OBVIOUSLY not in the same age bracket as I am.

However, thinking about it, I believe mothers have a very good point when they critique our outfits.

For example,we all know that showing skin is not a problem but too much of it is most definitely an insult to other people’s eyes .TIP?If you wear a short skirt and you want to look like a good girl(you know what I mean), then don’t wear a top that shows your cleavage and vice versa, if you want to wear a deep v neck top then don’t wear those short shorts that you have.Makes sense, right?

My FAVOURITE daytime talk show,The Real,hosted by Tamera Mowry-Housley ,Loni Love, Adrienne Houghton(aka Adrienne Bailon,the cute Latina from Cheetah Girls?) and Jeannie Mai is a good example to illustrate this point.The two most bold co-hosts on this show, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Houghton, know how to balance their outfits making them look classy as a whole regardless of the skin that they show.In this one show, Adrienne Houghton wore a black and white two piece of cute short shorts and (read this next one) a blouse that covered her  up to her neck and her arms!She looked so amazing,I was jealous(in a good way of course).In addition,on Jeannie Mai’s birthday on the show, she had on a dress with gorgeous detail around the chest and yes, it showed skin around her chest(nothing too wild),but the dress was flared and it went past her knees!

Knowing how to balance is the key.

3.Choice of accessories.

glitter-2126429_640Did you know accessories are just as important as your shoes?Yes, they really can make or break your outfit.The reason over-accessorizing makes you look trashy is because your accessories don’t match the mood or the vibe of your outfit.For example, you can’t wear a girly dress and stiletto heels and then wear rockstar accessories, right?The accessories have been worn in bad taste at that point in time and it will spoil your whole look.No one wants that to happen, for sure.

4.Choice of fabric.

vampire-151457_640Oh my!Oh my!Oh my-my!I cannot emphasise the importance of good fabric!I’m sure we all have that favourite shirt or pair of leggings that we hold soo dear.Good thing is, it looks so damn good!Bad thing is, the material is HORRIBLE!

I mean those materials that are faded, translucent, or those clingy-static-electricity-situation kind of fabrics.Personally, I had this black pencil skirt(I literally had balancing tears getting rid of it).Beautiful golden zip detail at the front.However, the black was too tooo faded and I obviously bought it ‘kukula vumbi'(Kiswahili term for staying idle or jobless; not being used) in my closet because it looked too bad to be worn with anything else!

Wearing clothes with poor fabric or material makes it look like you didn’t have anything better to wear apart from that.You desparately tried to look pretty but it just wasn’t the one *sigh*.

PLEASE LET THAT BAD FABRIC GO!God shall bless you with something prettier, better and less expensive!Can I hear an amen?


That’s it for this week peeps!I hope you enjoyed the read!

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Is HE guilty of making these 5 style-killers? (men’s edition)



Is he guilty of making these 5 style-killers?



Hello, beautiful people!

Some time ago, I received an email from a guy telling me that I should do more articles on men’s fashion.For those who do not know, I used to blog last year under the name ‘The Journal of a Fashion Enthusiast ‘, then I stopped but no worries, I’m back now and here to stay.Therefore, without further ado, men, this is for you.

Being the fashion- savvy society that we have become today, it is such an amazing thing that guys have stepped up quite a bit in their style, even better than some of us ladies(sorry and sad to say, but it is true).As your sisters, girlfriends, wives and friends, we applaud you for your growing efforts to look just as good as your female counterparts.Today’s post, therefore, is about the 5 style-killers that you can make as a man that can wreck your life (yes, it is this serious) and pull you back in your efforts to be that dapper-looking man, you know, the one who turns heads.

1. Not wearing cologne.


1 Million by Paco Rabanne- Men’s Fragrance.

This might seem too obvious to state, I know.Don’t kill me.Yes, guys, do wear cologne but I realised that some( not all)  guys only wear cologne during special occasions like meetings, dates etc.

Men, not wearing cologne is a serious style-killer.At some point, it doesn’t even matter how well dressed you are.A guy in an Armani suit with no cologne is like a car without side mirrors.You can survive without them but the efficacy of your car will go waaaaaaaaay down.Don’t raise your eyebrows at me, not wearing cologne is just as serious.The seriousness is even more if you know your sweat glands are more active.Point is, cologne is just as important as your underwear.If you don’t wear cologne, then don’t wear underwear(sweetly).

2. Not having nail hygiene.


Clean nails on a man.

This just has to be said and only two things at that, about nails:

  1. Long nails are for females ONLY.
  2. Clean nails are a MUST in this life.

Ladies, don’t you agree?

Personal conviction says that extra long nails are for us ladies.However, this does not mean that having a bit of nail, both on your fingers and toes is a problem.However, too long is DEFINITELY a problem.

A fail-proof way I learnt of telling if your nails are too long is looking at the palms of your hands and soles of your feet.If you see your nails peeking out from your fingertips or toe tips in this position, then I say your nails are too long for a man.

Another personal pet peeve is dirty nails.It is enough to make me get goosebumps, and not the good kind.NO lady can stand this and your business partners cannot stand it either.This is self-explanatory, so you know what I mean.It tells a whole lot about you before you even speak.Guys, just because we might not say anything doesn’t mean we don’t notice, eh?

3.Wearing non-fitting clothes.


Man in a suit.

There is nothing that makes my day better, than seeing a guy with a fitting shirt and pants and top-notch shoes to kick it off.Just makes my heart smile.Just look at this man in the picture, don’t you feel some warmth in your heart just looking at it?

Men, this is what we want to see.And I don’t mean too tight but I also don’t mean falling-off-your-body-to-the-ground sort of thing.Well-fitted is the word like it was made just for you.

It is not hard.A tip I received from one of my male friends, who is conversant with men’s fashion, is that when looking for suits, men, go for one that is a size smaller than your theoretical size as it will offer you a better fitting jacket for example.Pants, on the other hand, can easily be tailored to your suit your body’s specifications; not too tight but not too loose, especially around the legs.Shoes are another important one.Don’t let your shoes wear you.Don’t let them be too big for your physique’s size especially sneakers and boots.I’m sure you already have a picture in mind after this explanation.Stick to whatever picture that is and everything including your style, will be fine.

4. Not having neat facial hair.


John Legend’s facial hair.

Most guys have neat head hair, I have to say that.Fantastic head hair at that, owing to the fact that they take their heads very seriously.They wash it regularly(daily actually, when possible), comb it and visit the barber’s often.We all applaud you for this.Well done!

This section is not for you, no it’s not.Beard gang members and aspiring beard gang members PLEASE LISTEN.

Personally, I loooooove me some facial hair on a guy.But please, if you are going to have it, then please know how to make it work for your face and try as much as possible for it not to make you look like a baby just tried to repeatedly yank it off your face.

Here are some tips from a guy-friend of mine about facial hair:

  1. Comb it every day.Even when it has not grown to a length you feel is necessary for combing.Combing aligns those small hairs to grow in the direction that you are straightening to thus helping them align as they grow and look neat.Using a simple shoebrush would be perfect for this.
  2. Shape it regularly.Most guys think that growing out the beard to the desired length is the only thing that will warrant shaping it and I thought so too.This is not true, though.Shaping it maintains the beard and makes you look neat even as your beard is growing.Imagine that you have a strand of hair on your lower chin of considerable length, without it having supporting hair around it.This is exactly why one needs shaping otherwise, your beard will look patchy.



Albus Dumbledore.



You may not want your beard to grow as long as Dumbledore’s from Harry Potter, but to have a beard you must be ready to put in the work as if you actually do have his beard.And I really like his facial hair.



5.Not working on yourself.



Last but not least, we all know that it would be pointless to work on your outside and not work just as much on your inner self.Appreciate your strengths and work on your weaknesses.That is, indeed, what makes you a better person




That’s it for this week people!

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